Google hits the gridiron as it maps out first NFL stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium
You could go... all... the... way...

With the advent of 24-hour coverage, an entire network devoted to the sport, and high-definition cameras getting viewers and fans closer to the action than ever before, almost every facet of the NFL is readily available for enjoyment.

About the only thing the average fan can't do these days is step onto the field or wander the locker room the players call home.

Well, that was the case until Friday, when Google revealed it mapped out the entirety of the Indianapolis Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium.

For the first time ever, any person around the world can now stand on the 50-yard line of one of the NFL's premier stadiums, and see what it's like to be on the field where all the action happens.

On any given Sunday

Most Colts fans are already familiar with the inner workings of the multiple concourses they have to navigate to find their seats or the best hot dog stand in Lucas Oil Stadium.

While there's nary a bad seat in the house to watch the game, few, if any, fans have ever set foot on the artificial turf they watch pros battle on every Sunday.

Google's map of the building covers every last inch of the green carpet running endzone to endzone, allowing many people their first glimpse at what it's really like to be one of their favorite athletes.

Even better, the Colts have given Google incredible access to the locker rooms, which many will remember as the setting for impassioned speeches from head coach Chuck Pagano.

Sure, you can check out the walk around the upper concourse, or even peek in the elite Quarterback and Loge suites, as Google has literally photographed every possible inch of the stadium.

Of course, the real joy comes from marching up and down the field itself, counting every yard the Colts fought for in their miraculous win against Green Bay during week five of the season (OK, we like our football).

Google's Earth

According to Google, this is just the first of many NFL stadiums the company hopes to cover extensively with Maps.

Google claims this is just the latest step in providing the "most comprehensive, accurate and usable map of the world," readily available at your fingertips.

Sporting venues are just the tip of the iceberg as far as Google is concerned, and with how thorough and detailed this walkthrough was, future expeditions should prove to be just as awe-inspiring.

By giving people the ability to explore real world locations from the comfort of their own homes, Google Maps is truly evolving from a service that could merely tell us where we're going into one showing us where we're headed.