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Future US announces TechRadar Pro

TechRadar Pro Enterprise B2B
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The consumerization of information technology has created an exciting overlap of interests among IT professionals and consumer tech enthusiasts. The same people responsible for building out global cloud infrastructures are searching online for reviews of televisions and cameras.

The reverse is also true: Consumers have become incredibly invested (emotionally and economically) in enterprise giants like Apple and Google. The result is a consumer demographic that reads technology content written for IT professionals, and IT professionals who rely on consumer-focused content to make purchase decisions.

Ever since its launch, TechRadar has been at the junction of this trend. Now, with more than 21 million unique monthly visitors every month, TechRadar has become the go-to destination for all things tech. As a result of our success in the consumer space, we're incredibly pleased to announce the expansion of our coverage with the launch of TechRadar Pro.

Connecting more than 4.7 million business leaders and enterprise professionals every month, TechRadar Pro is strongly positioned in the B2B market as the No. 1 destination catering to both large corporations and SMBs.

Our coverage areas

With content including breaking news, in-depth features and industry thought leadership, the channel is an extensive resource tool for accessing influential business leaders at every stage of the enterprise technology buying cycle.

TechRadar Pro will explore every aspect of B2B technology, including software, hardware, security, mobile, and cloud services for IT professionals. We'll be your go-to resource on the global strategies of tech behemoths, but we'll also provide you with insight into how the world's smartest SMBs have created first-class technology ecosystems.

Our No. 1 goal at TechRadar is to provide you with accurate, compelling, and informative content that enhances your technology buying experience. The same will be true for TechRadar Pro. As Senior Editor, I'll be leading the enterprise technology efforts here in the US. I'd love to get to know you and your solutions, so please reach out if you've got something important to say.