PS4 tops next Xbox in most wanted future gadgets poll

PS4 - twice as desirable as Xbox 720?
PS4 - twice as desirable as Xbox 720?

TechRadar's latest poll suggests that twice as many readers would like to get their hands on a PS4 than they would the next Xbox - although neither console was the top result, as we asked which future gadget you would like to get your hands on.

With nearly 3,000 votes cast, it was gaming machines that picked up the big votes, with 35 per cent opting for a next-next-gen console.

But top, with 22 per cent of the vote, was the 'pen that's also a flying car' option that we put in as a joke.

Bunch of realists

Leaving that option aside, the other votes are still illuminating (and not least that anyone would NOT want a pen that's a flying car).

With the PlayStation 4 a creditable second (and a lot more feasible than the pen) polling a fifth of all votes, it was nearly double its rival the Xbox 720 – which picked up 11 per cent.

That was still good enough for third place, unlike the Wii 2's four per cent of the vote – suggesting that our readers are hard-core gamers rather than casual ones.

A pair of Apples

In fact Apple picked up both the fourth spots with 8 per cent for both the much mooted Apple Tablet and the next generation of its iPhone, narrowly ahead of a Android 3.0 phone (7 per cent).

Six percent opted for a Ultra-HD '4K' 3D TV, five per cent are after a Windows 8 PC and rock bottom – along with the Wii – was a quad core netbook.

Let's face it, you'd be mad not to plump for the pen, right?

Patrick Goss

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