High-tech toilets flush competition clean away

Toto toilet

Japanese toilets are already the stuff of legend and that reputation's only going to grow after the announcement of this year's hot new high-tech models that put most spaceship capsules to shame.

The most eye-catching comes from our old friends at Panasonic, where the all-new A-La-Uno S dispenses with elbow grease and completely cleans itself.

Resin researched

Cutting-edge acrylic resin is used to prevent the kind of mould growth that can just ruin a good bathroom day, while all the electronic functions we love, such as a heated seat, are available in the ¥200,000 (£945) throne.

Next, Inax's similarly priced Regio blasts the user with MP3s of jazz classics while they tinkle and has even been designed with good acoustics in mind. Apparently, the music comes from a rear-mounted speaker and bounces off the wall for best effect.

Space conscious

Finally, Toto's ¥250,000 (£1,180) Neorest Hybrid model does away with the cistern by the engineering feat of including a water pump in the pedestal.

This draws flush water from a normal tap in the wall, thereby saving space for, oh, maybe a bookshelf or a rack-mounted home media server and wireless gear for streaming video to the downstairs dunny?