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FCC chairman reportedly giving sign off notice Friday

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski resigns
And what an eventful four years it's been

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski is stepping down from the post he held since 2009, according to a report today.

As the top regulator of U.S. telecom companies, Genachowski is set to make the announcement of his resignation on Friday, say Wall Street Journal sources.

During the four years since President Obama appointed him chairman, Genachowski has led efforts to block ISPs from throttling broadband connections, oversaw a deluge of tablet certifications, and approved or denied several spectrum deals.

His office has also set in motion goals for gigabit internet in every state by 2015 and implemented plans for new services such as text-to-911 on all four major U.S. carriers.

The new chairman

A new FCC chairman hasn't been announced. However, whoever Obama appoints will require a Senate confirmation.

The confirmation could be a speedy process in this case. As Politico points out, Republican FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell announced this week that he's also leaving the independent government agency.

A paired confirmation of one Republican and one Democrat could make the Senate confirmation of a new FCC chairman and commissioner easier than some of the President's other recent appointments.