Dolby has brought Atmos to Ministry of Sound - we go access all areas

Ministry of Sound

For most clubs, sound quality is something of an afterthought. Most people will be familiar with the massive speakers that fill dancefloors worldwide and while they might be big and impressive, the wall of sound they produce isn't exactly intricate - just very, very loud.

Now the Ministry of Sound in the UK wants to change all that. A collaboration with Dolby has seen it add a further 60 speakers to its existing custom sound system to create the world's first Dolby Atmos surround sound dancefloor.

The system works by offering DJs up to 22 channels of sound which they can then place anywhere on the dancefloor. Currently Atmos is used mainly in cinemas to offer a cinematic surround sound experience. The Ministry of Sound is the first venue of its kind to see the system installed.

Ministry of Light and Sound

The new technology also allows lights to be synced with the sound to create a complete sensory experience for clubbers.

Because of the intricacy of the system, artists have to pull apart their existing tracks and remix them for the system in a process that takes around an hour per song.

It is hoped that over time more clubs will adopt the technology, allowing it to become more of an industry standard.

To get more of an understanding, TechRadar donned the Day-Glo and went access all areas, speaking to the top bods at Ministry of Sound, Dolby and Dj Doorly.

Jon Porter

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