10 best quiet gadgets: low-noise gadgets for your home

5. Intimus Pro Silentec 26 SC2 CC3 shredder, £275

Low noise gadgets

It's hard to get excited about a shredder - turns out it's not impossible though

Those who listen to speech radio - or even familiar music - while working are just dragging-put the process by drastically reducing their concentration, and the din of computers, printers and shredders doesn't help much, either.

A cross-cut shredder with a 26-litre capacity, the 26 CC3 can cut through paper, staples, paper clips, plastic cards and even CDs and DVDs, but it's the sound dampening Silentec - which absorbs vibrations and massively cuts down on noise - that makes it a cut above for a desktop.

6. Philips Wake-Up Light Sunrise Simulation HF3510/01, £100

Low noise gadgets

Let the serene sounds of nature ease you into the day

OK, so light bulbs don't exactly let out a roar each time they're switched-on, but lights that wake you up with bird-song and waves are a great way to make your home restful instead of stressful.

Philips' Wake-Up Light increases the light over 30 minutes to mimic a sunrise, from soft morning red, to orange, to yellow. The same happens at the other end of the day, too, though both timings and exact light levels are entirely customisable.

The light comes with a slowly rising soundtrack of either bird song, birds in a forest, or 'zen garden', but there's also an FM radio if you find Chris Evans shouting a relaxing way to begin the day.

7. Samsung WF0804X8E washing machine, £530

Low noise gadgets

Anti-vibration tech means no more apocalyptic spin cycle

If your washing machine's spin cycle is loud enough to clear the room, it's not broken, it's just badly designed. Those with small flats and open-plan kitchen-diners will thus adore the Samsung WF0804X8E, a washing machine that ditches the usual loud spin for a quiet drive motor that uses no belts or gears, and adds anti-vibration tech.

Such an extensive spin isn't needed because of the WF0804X8E's 'Ecobubble' approach - a bubble generator dissolves the detergent in water before injecting air. Using less hot water, its Super Eco Wash programme washes at just 15°C while promising the results of a 40°C wash.

8. Magimix Cuisine Système 5200 XL, £340

Food processors are routinely the loudest thing in the kitchen, but baking a cake or making a spice mix needn't mean alienating the cat and interrupting the radio.

Using an ultra-quiet induction motor that boasts a stunning 20-year guarantee, the three-in-one Magimix Cuisine Système 5200 XL's Sabatier stainless steel blades are as sharp and powerful as on any mixer, but adjusts power according to what you're mixing to stay as quiet as possible.

9. Russell Hobbs Serenity kettle, £40

Low noise gadgets

Quick and quiet cuppa? It really isn't too much to ask

A constant pain in the ear, the loud rattle of the kettle can momentarily drive people out of their kitchen, but making a cuppa needn't make your blood boil too.

A great value option to help lessen the noise in one of the loudest rooms in the house is the Serenity kettle from Russell Hobbs. This 1.7-litre capacity, stainless steel kettle features an easy-lift push-button lid, and its 3kW concealed element means a quick, but oh-so-quiet boil.