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Wix has decided to take its website building services a step further by opening its backend to work outside the Wix platform, with the launch of a new offering designed for developers.

Wix Headless hopes to revolutionize the way developers use composable application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDK).

The reportedly never-been-done-before offering allows developers to implement Wix’s business solutions with any tech stack across different platforms and devices. Wix Headless marks the first time the company is opening the backend to work outside the Wix platform.

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Developers can use a variety of Wix Business Solutions that can all be accessed from the SDK and managed from within Wix’s management platform. The APIs can be used out of the box with Wix's additional solutions such as contacts and checkout. 

This means that web developers can create custom solutions that integrate with Wix even if their delivery layer, website or app is not on Wix.

Other features of Wix Headless include multiple lines of business from one dashboard, the ability to connect additional sites or apps to existing projects on Wix, and the opportunity to take advantage of a global payments infrastructure. 

Through Wix’s providers platform, developers can also connect to payment providers located in South America, North America, and Europe, without integrating multiple payment gateways.

"Wix Headless enables developers to use Wix in ways that weren't previously possible, from scaling their online presences to managing multiple complex projects in one place,“ said Shahar Talmi, GM Developer Platform at Wix. 

“We’re constantly advancing our business solutions on Wix, and by providing developers  access to these APIs, with the ability to incorporate them into projects built on other platforms, we’re accelerating the endless possibilities presented in the web development industry.” 

Interestingly, the tool also lets web developers maximize the ways customers can interact with a business by connecting multiple clients to a single Wix back-end. For example, multiple websites, a mobile app, and a smartwatch app can all offer services on behalf of the same Wix backend business.

Wix Headless opens the door for using Wix Business Solutions with web frameworks, including React, Vue, Svelte, Qwik, amongst others.

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