Windows 10 update gives power users even more settings to play with

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Microsoft has pushed out an update for utility library PowerToys that introduces a useful new tool for advanced Windows 10 users to play with.

Although the current release cycle is focused predominantly on bug fixes, stability optimizations and accessibility improvements, the headline inclusion in the latest PowerToys build (v0.41.2) is a new utility called Awake.

According to the GitHub entry, the Awake tool gives Windows 10 users full control over when their machine enters sleep mode. Formerly known as Espresso, the Awake utility lets users disable sleep mode entirely or specify a period during which their device will not be allowed to enter a low-power state.

Although sleep mode is often useful when helping to preserve battery life, the new PowerToys addition could be handy in situations where the user is not providing input via mouse or keyboard, but still needs the screen to remain awake.

For example, Awake could come to the rescue during a lengthy presentation or while watching video content via a media player that doesn’t deactivate auto-sleep.

PowerToys on Windows 10

PowerToys is an open source suite of tools for the most advanced Windows 10 users, offering the ability to bypass certain settings and perform certain actions unavailable to regular device owners. It also gives users a wider range of customization options.

The utility library includes tools such as Color Picker, which can copy color data from any running application to the clipboard, and Fancy Zones, which lets users create complex window layouts specifically suited to the applications they are running.

Others, like Image Resizer and PowerRename, are designed to help Windows 10 users perform common actions with greater ease and speed, maximizing productivity.

The Awake utility will be a welcomed addition to the existing roster of tools, giving power users a more efficient way to manage their computer’s power settings.

Beyond the new utility, PowerToys version 0.41.2 also comes packaged with a range of quality of life improvements, as well as fixes for crash-triggering bugs and optimizations that cut back the amount of unnecessary code.

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