Windows 10 May 2020 Update has another nasty bug that breaks internet connectivity

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Windows 10 May 2020 Update suffers from a serious flaw whereby some users are losing their internet connectivity, Microsoft has admitted. The good news is a fix is on the way, and is expected to arrive soon – later in September to be precise.

As Neowin reports, due to this bug, Microsoft has now blocked the May 2020 Update from being delivered to devices which use certain LTE modems, after multiple reports of the upgrade causing the mobile internet connection to drop out (as evidenced on Microsoft’s Feedback Hub).

Microsoft has acknowledged the bug in a support document, explaining that it seems to happen after a laptop wakes from sleep or hibernation.

Microsoft explains: “To safeguard your update experience, we have applied a compatibility hold on Windows 10 devices with affected WWAN LTE modems drivers installed from being offered Windows 10, version 2004 [May 2020 Update] until the issue has been resolved.”

Microsoft warning

The software giant says it is now working a fix, and as we mentioned at the outset of this story, that patch should be delivered in late September. Microsoft also warns that you shouldn’t try to work around the block and manually install the May 2020 Update if you’re running one of these LTE modems.

Those who have already installed the update and are having problems can benefit from a quick fix solution (meaning they don’t have to roll back their PC) – simply turn Airplane Mode on, and then off again, and that should temporarily resolve the problem.

Windows 10 has previously encountered issues with LTE modems, and indeed internet connectivity in general became problematic with the May 2020 Update back in July, you may recall (which again was a reoccurring issue).

These various Windows 10 bugbears around online connectivity aren’t well-timed either, given the amount of folks who have been working from home due to Covid-19, of course.

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