Windows 10 is getting Windows 11’s new Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store in Windows 10
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Rudy Huyn, Architect of the Microsoft Store, has confirmed that the redesigned Store is coming to Windows 10 users who are currently signed into the Insider program.

The new Microsoft Store was a big tentpole feature that Microsoft showcased when Windows 11 was first announced. For years, the Windows Store, which first debuted in Windows 8, was difficult to navigate, mainly due to the many junk apps that were available to download.

But with apps such as Zoom, Disney+ and soon Android apps from Amazon coming to the Store, it looks as though Windows 10 users may be tempted to hold off from upgrading to Windows 11 for a bit longer.

When will the new Microsoft Store arrive to all Windows 10 users?

The Microsoft Store is rolling out to users on the Insider program on the Release ring, which lets you access pre-release builds of Windows that have features in development. For regular users, it looks as though it will be appearing in the Windows 10 November update.

Microsoft didn’t comment on whether Android apps would also arrive at that point, as it may be a feature of the Microsoft Store that’s exclusive to Windows 11 users.

The Microsoft Store was received well in our Windows 11 review, thanks to its refreshed, simplified design that makes it easy for users to discover their apps, instead of using a web browser.

With the store soon to come to Windows 10, it looks as though this ease of use will apply to those who haven’t upgraded to Windows 11 just yet, but it gives them a taste of what the new upgrade entails.

Analysis: Windows 10 wants a slice of the Store

Microsoft usually keeps its new features for its latest Windows release to entice users to upgrade, so it’s a little surprising to see the Store about to appear on Windows 10.

But the company has stuck to its recent ambition to get its services on as many devices and operating systems as possible, and this may be why we’re seeing the store appear on Windows 10. It’s accessible to users while giving them some familiarity when they eventually decide to upgrade to Windows 11.

Some of us on the team have already upgraded and we’re impressed with how the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 works already. The amount of third-party apps that are available is great to see, compared to what was on the Windows Store in previous years.

As it’s not long to wait for the Store to arrive, it’ll be an interesting time to see how the Store evolves over the next major releases on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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