Windows 10 Creators Update will land on desktop PCs first, then mobiles

The Creators Update is due to land next month, but the major upgrade for Windows 10 will arrive on desktop PCs first, before coming to mobile devices at a later date.

That’s according to Softpedia, who spoke to Microsoft and managed to get a statement on the planned release schedule for the Creators Update.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: “The initial update will be for desktop, but other versions will be available thereafter.”

So when will Windows 10 Mobile users get a fresh injection of creativity on their devices? Unsurprisingly, Microsoft wouldn’t be drawn on providing a specific timeframe, but said that it will be ‘soon’ following the desktop release of the upgrade (which, as mentioned, should be arriving in April).

If we cast our minds back to the last big upgrade (the Anniversary Update, around six months ago now), Microsoft implemented this as a staged rollout, with the refreshed OS coming to mobile users a couple of weeks after desktop PCs.

Hopefully, we’ll see a similar story – a pretty minor delay for mobiles – this time round.

Getting creative with Skype

Meanwhile, in other news for Microsoft’s impending upgrade, those currently testing out the Creators Update on Windows 10 preview will find that the Skype Preview app has been refreshed to support ‘compact overlay’ mode.

As seen with a recent update to the Films & TV app, this allows for a small window to be overlaid on top of whatever you’re working on, so you can continue to make your Skype call while multitasking and doing other stuff.

As well as this nifty little extra, various bug fixes have been introduced for the Skype app, as MS Power User spotted.

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