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WhatsApp's next big feature is on the way, and could be a huge timesaver

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WhatsApp will soon let you stay logged in on multiple devices, according to clues hidden in the app's latest beta release. It could be a huge time-saver, meaning no more having to log in and out every time you change to want to switch between a phone or tablet.

We saw the first evidence of this feature earlier this year, when investigators at WABetaInfo discovered a line of code that explicitly referred to using the app on more than one device at once.

This would be an extremely handy feature if you own several mobile devices, or want to use WhatsApp Web occasionally, but several beta releases have gone by with no further news – until now.

The latest discovery is a new login screen that asks users whether they want to use Wi-Fi or mobile data when you 'log in on a new device'. At the moment, logging into the app on a second device means you're logged out of the first one automatically, so this is an interesting development.

Big data transfers?

As WABetaInfo notes, it's intriguing that the new login screen also says 'Without Wi-Fi, logging in may be slow, and may use a large amount of your data plan." This suggests that something hefty is being transferred from your primary device – possibly your chat logs, or all those GIFs and memes in your downloads folder.

It's been a busy few months for WhatsApp. Since the release of the long-awaited WhatsApp dark mode, the messaging app has made its first foray into online payments, introduce password-protected backups and advanced search, and rolled out eight-person voice calls.

If this rate of progress continues, we could see multi-device support very soon. The feature isn't in beta testing yet, but we'll keep you updated if and when it becomes available.

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