HTC Vive's app marketplace is officially open for business

HTC Viveport

A VR headset without great content is like a bike without wheels, and to that end HTC is now officially opening its Viveport storefront for the Vive so users can connect with games, apps and experiences.

Previously, Viveport only existed in beta, and much of the HTC Vive's content was hosted on Valve's Steam store. As of now, though, the Viveport's doors are truly open for business.

Here, Vive users can scour digital shelves for a wide range of content, including music, educational experiences, games and apps.

The marketplace is launching in over 30 countries, Viveport president Rikard Steiber said. In true grand opening fashion, HTC is debuting a number of new Viveport Premieres, or content you'll only find first on Viveport.

HTC Viveport

These include new content for Everest VR, Google Spotlight Stories' Pearl, Lifeliqe, Stonehenge VR, The Music Room, and a new edition of theBlu. There will be over 60 titles at launch, and that number should grow quickly.

But new content isn't the only way HTC is celebrating. For the first 48 hours of Viveport's debut, users can snag marquee titles for just US$1. The 48-hour deal kicked off at 12am PT/3am ET/8am BST/7pm AEST Friday.

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By launching its own VR storefront, HTC is taking yet another shot at Oculus Rift. The Oculus Store has been online for quite some time, though the company has come under scrutiny for encouraging developers to make their content exclusive to the Rift.

HTC, meanwhile, has no plans to change its policy of encouraging developers to put their content on any platform they like, nor will it give special treatment to content just because it's a Viveport exclusive, an HTC spokesperson told us.

Steiber said in August that the company would encourage developers to make their software available on a variety of platforms, in an effort to keep revenue in the emerging industry "healthy."

That should sit well with developers, and could lead to a robust Viveport lineup.

In addition to finding VR content, users can also customize the Vive Home interface to fit their liking. And if you want to join the Viveport Community, just head to the community page. Here, you can connect with other VR enthusiasts, influencers and fans.

Finally, Steiber teased that a secret message is on the way that will "reopen a path to unlimited Viveport content for worthy contenders." He said to keep tabs over the next month on social media and the Vive's various portals for "clues and keys to unlock the treasures."

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