Microsoft HoloLens will let you become Samus Aran - for a high price


Microsoft wanted to show us something "a little different" with the Microsoft HoloLens at its New York event, and you can color us impressed.

First off, it revealed that the HoloLens dev kit will be available in the first quarter of 2016 for $3000, which is a little more expensive than we expected. We expect that the price of the consumer version will be different, but don't see it being much lower.

Microsoft also showed us a new demo called Project X-Ray, which might be the most impressive application of HoloLens we've seen to date.

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The demo involved the player using a holographic arm cannon to blast away robots which were crawling out of the walls. There was also a moment where he used the blaster like a magnet to draw a robot towards him before launching it fatally at a wall. Nice.

Yes, no more sticking your arm through your rolled-up sleeping bag to pretend you're Metroid's Samus Aran - you can now be her for (almost) real.

HoloLens experiences on the way

New HoloLens games and apps should be available next year with Microsoft finally offering up its hardware to developers.

To get your hands on the kit, you'll have to be a dev in the US or Canada since these locations will be the first to receive the Development Edition.

You also have to be a Windows Insider and you can request only two devices - though you'll still have to shell out 3K for each.

There's no word on when other countries will receive the kit just yet.