Geffen: 'Amazing' VR will suffer from a quality content drought

VR fish

Geffen used the dive VR production in his regular visits to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. "It's nice that Google told us that the Attenborough dive was so far ahead of anything they've seen outside of gaming in VR - and they are obviously very sophisticated. Others didn't want to show me their VR content and when I did see some it's not that great.

"It's a real problem...and if a solution doesn't happen quickly we're going to see a big downturn. The potential of this thing is enormous but the barrier for entry is high for the consumer. At the moment it's like having an IMAX screen but no IMAX footage."

Geffen's doubts over VR's imminent journey do not seem to impinge on his enthusiasm for its potential in the longer term, he waxes lyrical on the journey's being provided by the computer generated worlds he's beginning to see, adding, "some of the stuff that's coming will blow everyone away.

"It's not competing with television or cinema - it's a completely different platform," he says. "There are a lot of great film directors doing this as an extension and it needs a lot of people at the top of their game producing great content.

"Now we're seeing huge amounts of 360 video but longer term I see the really exciting end being the the 'scanned world' where you can interact in the environment. Video will be okay but when can move from a fixed position that's the sweet spot.

"We're actually working on a long-scale project of a tethered world with real time graphics and there's no doubt Facebook and other people are thinking ahead to things like the future of communication with that.

"I actually think the goal out there for is for both factual and non-factual worlds and not just the shoot-em-up in a VR world."

Patrick Goss

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