Garmin Vivosmart vs Fitbit Charge HR: which is better?

Vivosmart vs Charge HR: which is Best?

It's worth noting that if you decide to purchase the Vivosmart without the heart monitor, you're going to pay $149.99 for the fitness tracker itself. This puts it on par, price-wise, with the Charge HR.

The fact of the matter is that the Charge HR and Vivosmart are similar in many ways. Aside from automatically tracking your daily fitness (steps, calorie burn, distance), they also seamlessly monitor your sleep and give you a convenient "silent alarm." Both Fitbit and Garmin also say you can go almost a week without having to charge their devices. However, anyone who uses a mobile device knows that these claims are subject to change based on settings and daily use.

Once you've examined the similarities, your purchase decision will inevitably come down to the small differences between the trackers. Additionally, your lifestyle preferences will likely play a role in your choice.

If you're a social person, you'll want to pay attention to the networking features of the Fitbit. Following your friends could encourage you to keep using the app and the device, rather than losing interest altogether. Additionally, other Fitbit users may motivate you to stick with your goals, whether you want to keep up with them in terms of steps or calorie burn.

Garmin Vivofit

Finally, Fitbit wins in terms of simplicity. Most people who want an easy-to-use fitness tracker that automatically tracks the basics are going to go with Fitbit. Sure, the Charge HR doesn't give you a slew of smart notifications from your mobile device, but it also doesn't require a wearable strap for heart rate monitoring.

Of course, the Charge HR isn't the perfect device. There are some people who want an item they wear everyday to do more than keep tabs on heart rate. For this, there's the Garmin Vivosmart.

Fitbit Charge HR

If you don't typically have your smartphone within view, it's convenient to receive notifications on your wrist with the Vivosmart. Furthermore, the Vivosmart might be a worthwhile option to you if you're not invested in the social aspects of fitness tracking and sharing stats with the world.

Thanks to companies like Fitbit and Garmin, we have an abundance of choice at our fingertips. Finally, you have a good reason to get off the couch.