Democratic presidential debate in VR may be more fun than Trump

Donald Trump

CNN has announced that you will be able to stream the Democratic Presidential Debate live in VR from Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 13.

It will be made available on the Samsung Gear VR through NextVR's portal in the Oculus Store, and will likely get some people who wouldn't otherwise be interested, watching the debate - Hillary and Sanders in VR!

CNN has already made available a VR video of the Republican debate, which can also be viewed through the Samsung Gear VR.

A new way to politics

While NextVR has facilitated the live VR streaming of sporting events and concerts, CNN said that this will be the first ever live stream of a news event in VR.

"Users are able to hold a gaze on a particular candidate, catch off-screen interactions and more," the broadcaster said in its announcement.

"Each and every viewer has a seat in the room and a new perspective on presidential debates."

In many ways, by going after the all-important VR demographic, CNN is making the presidential debate more relevant and more interesting as an experience for people who aren't able to actually attend the debates themselves, or for those who aren't politically inclined.

Will we see more debates around the globe go down in VR in the future? We have a feeling the success or failure of this one will be telling.

  • It's too bad the new $99 Gear VR won't be released until after the debate