Want a 4K Raspberry Pi-based Android tablet? This makes it possible

(Image credit: DFRobot)

There are plenty of external displays for notebooks available today, most of which feature a rather modest resolution, as high-resolution external LCDs with touch support are hard to find.  

That may be about to change, as DFRobot has released its new 12.5-inch external display for laptops that not only features a 4K resolution and accurate colors, but is also supports touch. The new release also has mini-HDMI as well as USB-C inputs to make it easier to attach to miniature Raspberry Pi as well as other single-board computers (SBCs) or modern notebooks with USB-C ports. 

As its name suggests, DFRobot’s 12.5-inch 4K IPS Touch Display features a 3840x2160 resolution and supports a multitouch. The monitor also features 400 nits peak brightness and can reproduce 100% of the sRGB color gamut, which is in line with what modern notebook displays offer.

Companion or building block?

One of the key selling points of the 12.5-inch 4K IPS Touch Display is its rich connectivity. The monitor has one Mini HDMI input as well as two USB Type-C connectors (for signal and power) that make it compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4B and the likes. The display also has stereo speakers as well as a 3.5-mm audio port. 

On the software side of matters, the device is compatible both with Linux and Windows, but with an HDMI input it should be OS agnostic, so it can probably be used even with game consoles. 

Just like tablets, the 12.5-inch 4K IPS Touch Display comes in an aluminum chassis, but unlike tablets, it is not equipped with a protective glass (i.e., Corning Gorilla Glass), so its owner will have to be careful with the unit. Meanwhile, the device weighs 556 grams, slightly more than typical tablets, but still portable. 

The DFRobot 12.5-inch 4K IPS touschreen monitor is now available for $289 (€248, £226) directly from the company.

Surprisingly, the bundle includes USB-C and HDMI cables, a power adapter, and a protective cover - and DFRobot can even sell a Raspberry Pi module with it.

(Image credit: DFRobot)

(Image credit: DFRobot)

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