Vivo has a foldable phone up its sleeve - screen size gets leaked

Oppo Find N
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Chinese smartphone makers have already ventured in the foldable display segment of smartphones. Xiaomi has had two releases and Motorola, with the Lenovo tag, got one out. With the Oppo Find N arriving exclusively in China, it is no surprise that Vivo could be the next in the list. 

First indications of such a move came from Ross Young, display analyst and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants. He tweeted that both Xiaomi and Vivo are gearing up to release their foldable devices and even shared expected screen sizes of these two smartphones. 

Huawei P50 Pocket Images Leaked

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Young suggests that while Xiaomi's third foldable device could release with an 8.1-inch display, the Vivo foldable phone could be marginally smaller with an 8.03-inch screen when opened. In fact, we believe in Young's theory as back in July he had predicted the screen size of the Oppo Find N quite accurately. 

Of course, this would be Vivo's first attempt at a foldable device though we aren't too surprised that it has come in the wake of its sister brand Oppo's maiden effort on the foldable devices front. In the past, we have had instances where sister brands owned by BBK Electronics have collaborated on design and components. 

We had reported recently about Vivo's patent application of an extendable display which suggests that the company could be planning an ultra-premium smartphone.  The reports suggested that the smartphone's extendable display will expand from the right side to increase the display size, which will help get more content on to a single screen.

However, rollable smartphones are not new as Oppo already shared a concept phone, Oppo X 2021 with a rollable screen. Reviewers and critics tested the device to check if the design was user-friendly. Some of them said a rollable smartphone is more convenient than foldable ones available in the market. 

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