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Put a BMW in your notebook bag

The Gemstone notebooks have curvier edges and multimedia functions such as HDMI ports and surround sound

Notebook computers and cars seem to be a winning combination. Acer has previously worked with luxury car maker Ferrari on a range of notebook computers. And now it is to do the same with German car manufacturer BMW .

The notebooks, dubbed Gemstone , will look similar to BMW's latest car designs. Scheduled for a June launch, the range is expected to have curvier edges and a glossy black finish.

Traditionally this type of notebook computer has been aimed at a niche, exclusive audience. But while the Acer Ferrari range of notebooks was aimed at a higher-end audience, the BMW machines will be targeting the 'average consumer'.

Multimedia functions

On the inside, the Gemstone will have a number of multimedia functions such as surround sound and HDMI connectivity. It will also be possible to add an HD DVD drive.

The BMW design will cover around 40 models. These will have both Intel and AMD processors, and screen sizes of up to 17 inches.

The partnership with BMW will not affect the price tags of the machines, Acer said. "End users won't see a difference in price," said J.T. Wang, chairman of Acer.

Asus has also done a range of design-lead car-branded notebook computers. It has worked with Lamborghini 's design team to come up with a branded concept notebook.