Would you spend $17k on a Blu-ray player?

The most expensive Blu-ray player in the world

Goldmund has unveiled what it says is the world's first truly high-end Blu-ray player. It’ll cost you all of $16,900 (that’s over £8,500) mind, so don’t go rushing out to buy one just yet. For that money you could buy 30 PlayStation 3 consoles – but Goldmund says it’s well worth it.

Goldmund signature-features found on the Eidos 20 BD player include the ‘AC-Curator’ power supply circuit which supposedly improves picture and sound stability and dynamics. And also the ‘Mechanical Grounding’ construction which is supposed to stop “mechanism spurious vibrations” from blurring the video signal and increasing jitter.

Dearest BD player ever

In addition, the new Eidos 20 BD uses the Goldmund ‘Magnetic Damper’, a device for reducing the number of reading errors.

"As a result of last week's news in regards to the format wars, Goldmund decided to launch the Eidos 20 BD earlier than we had originally planned to capture the attention of the industry that believes in the superior technological merits of the Blu-ray format," said Michel Reverchon, president of Goldmund.

"The Blu-ray player is the perfect addition to our Goldmund Media Room, which requires high-definition playback and is the pinnacle of technological excellence."

So, what would you prefer? 30 PlayStation 3 consoles? A couple of new cars? Or one Blu-ray player? We’re all-for promoting sparkling new technologies on TechRadar, but frankly we’d prefer to spend eight and a half grand on 15,000 packets of marshmallows than an over-priced BD player.

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