Hands on: Toshiba BDX3100KB Blu-ray 3D review

Toshiba debuts its first 3D Blu-ray player
Toshiba debuts its first 3D Blu-ray player

Toshiba's triptych of 3D goodies is complete with the BDX3100KB 3D Blu-ray player, which joins the WL68 3D range of TVs and Satellite A665 laptop in delivering content in the third dimension.

The 3D Blu-ray market may be a small one – currently there is just one disc on sale in the UK – but this is set to explode, with a mountain of 3D content set for cinemas and the newly crowned king of 3D, James Cameron, set to release Avatar in 3D form.

If you aren't lucky enough to own a PS3, which will get 3D Blu-ray capabilities through a firmware update, then your next port of call will be buying a standalone 3D Bu-ray player.

Toshiba's BDX3100KB is a fine-looking device which features more angles that a Lady Gaga haircut.

The from fascia of the machine is almost triangular, which makes it stand out from other players on the market.

Toshiba 3d blu-ray

Supplied on the front is an easy to access USB, which means you don't have to fiddle around the back when playing content from a USB drive.

And use this you will as Toshiba has kindly made the TV compatible with the DivX and MKV format. So any content crimped from the web should play like a dream on the machine.

Other than the USB slot, the front has a minimal feel. There are a couple of manual control buttons – power, eject, play and stop – and an LCD screen which offers up timecode information.

Toshiba 3d blu-ray

Playback of discs comes with the standardFull HD 1920x1080p 3D output and this is at 24fps, so your flicks should retain that cinematic feel.

When it comes to audio, you can play either Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio and if you want to you can hook up to 7.1 surround sound to the player.

Toshiba 3d blu-ray

If you have any home HD movies that you want to play on your TV, then you can do it through the BDX3100KB as it is able to crunch through AVCHD footage. It does seem that whatever codec you throw at it, the Blu-ray player will play it.

It's worth noting that the player is BD Live compatible, so any Profile 2.0 content you want to watch, you can do so. Not that we have found anything decent out there, but the option is open to you.

We have to admit it is not the slimmest 3D Blu-ray player out there but with dimensions of 430mm x 45mm x 225mm it is not the chunkiest either.

Toshiba 3d blu-ray

1080p upscaling rounds off what is a rather smart device from Toshiba and one which will handle itself against the rest of the 3D Blu-ray players on the market.

The Toshiba BDX3100KB Blu-ray 3D and its its 2D companion (the BDX1100KB) have a UK release date from October 2010 with pricing to be confirmed.

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