Blu-ray players replace cameras in UK inflation basket

We're going to need a bigger basket
We're going to need a bigger basket

Blu-ray players have made it into the UK's inflation shopping basket, the hypothetical collection of goods which highlight consumer spending habits.

The hi-def disc spinners have been included in the mix of what we are spending our hard-earned on as they "capture price changes in this new expanding technology."

We're guessing that the changes mean that the price of players is rapidly coming down, so everyday consumers are now starting to purchase players and not just early adopters.


Other bits of technology which have been added to the 'shopping basket' are computer games' accessories, something the report call a "relatively new market".

Hair straighteners and tongs are also included – interestingly these goods replace the hair dryer.

Other than a hairdryer, the only other piece of technology which has dropped out of the basket is a disposable camera. This is "due to decreasing expenditure as digital compact cameras and mobile phone photography become increasingly popular".

Other goods to drop out include pitta bread (in its place is the far more exotic garlic bread), fizzy drinks for fruit drinks and, wait for it, liquid soap is now preferred to individual bars of toilet soap.

We're hoping that broadband implants and the iPhone HD make it into 2011's list.

Via The Guardian

Marc Chacksfield

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