Universal Control is finally here, making iPads and Macs even more useful

WWDC 2021 screenshot
(Image credit: Apple)

Back at WWDC 2021, when Apple first unveiled macOS 12 Monterey, it showed off a feature that lets you use your Mac and iPad seamlessly. The feature, called Universal Control, was delayed until 2022. But now you can finally download it. 

As a part of the recently-released macOS 12.3, Universal Control is now enabled. It's a beta version of the software but is fully functional. In essence, this feature lets you use your iPad with your Mac, seamlessly letting you use your mouse and keyboard on the tablet. It will also allow you to wirelessly transfer files between the two devices, saving both time and space.

Users have technically been able to use the software since macOS 12.3 was in beta back in January 2022. But now that it's part of the public release of the operating system, you don't have to risk data loss just to use the cool feature. 

We haven't had a chance to use the feature as it exists for public users quite yet, so we're not sure how it performs (we were impressed with its Beta operation). But, given that Apple rarely releases new features that aren't thoroughly tested, it's likely that it will easily work. Even so, you should exercise some caution. The feature is still in its beta phase, even if it's part of the public release of macOS 12.3 - so you should be prepared to deal with some bugs here and there. 

We're not sure when Apple will release Universal Control in a non-beta capacity, but given that anyone can use it anyways - does it really matter? 

You can update your Mac by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen and selecting "About This Mac...". From there, just click the "Software Update..." button and follow the prompts to download and install the new update. One piece of advice though: be sure to back up your Mac first.

Jackie Thomas

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