Three is the MacBook number: Apple set to reveal trio of new laptops

Good things come in threes, they say, and indeed let’s hope that this holds true when Apple reveals its (strongly rumored) revamped notebooks later this week – because fresh information seems to confirm that there will be three new MacBooks.

This comes from trademark filings lodged with the Euraisan Economic Commission, which performs FCC-style regulation duties for Russia and other nearby nations who are part of the Eurasian Economic Union (Kazakhstan for one).

Said trademark applications (spotted by  French website Consomac) show that Apple has gained the go-ahead to flog three new laptops, although these aren’t named, but are simply referred to as model numbers A1706, A1707, and A1708. No other details are given, save for that these notebooks will be running macOS Sierra, which is hardly a surprise.

This nugget of info ties up neatly with what we’ve previously heard on the grapevine – namely that Apple will be launching a pair of new MacBook Pros (13-inch and 15-inch) alongside a new MacBook Air 13-inch to make three new models.

Vanishing into thin Air

The smallest MacBook Air, the 11-inch version, is apparently getting the boot, which will be a blow to those wanting to get the cheapest MacBook possible (that particular model only costs £749, or $899 over in the US, AU$1,399 in Australia).

The new MacBook Air could see the introduction of a Retina Display, finally – or at least an option for one, for those who don’t mind stumping up more cash – and it’s expected to get USB-C ports along with Thunderbolt 3 support as well, with the same connectivity allegedly coming to the refreshed MacBook Pro.

As for the latter, that’s getting something totally new in the form of the Magic Toolbar, an OLED touchpad that replaces the top row of function keys and boasts dynamically changing context-sensitive keys which are tailored to the app you’re currently using (so if you’re running Spotify, for example, you’ll get a full range of media controls and so forth).

Whether this will be enough on the innovation front is certainly debatable, but at any rate, you can’t argue that some kind of a refresh of both these MacBook ranges is definitely overdue.

And it's also worth noting that Apple has bigger plans on the dynamically morphing keyboard front for the MacBooks of 2018.

Via: BGR

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