This Xbox Series X controller shell might look familiar to Dragon Ball Z fans

Xbox Series X easy grip controller shell beside an image of Dragon Ball's Frieza
(Image credit: OtterBox/Toei Animation)

OtterBox has released a new Xbox Series X controller shell color that may look familiar to fans of Dragon Ball Z.

The Easy Grip controller shell's new Lilac Dream coloring is meant to be "spring-inspired", with its pastel lilac and pink grips and glittery outer shell. But we can't help but think it looks like Dragon Ball's Frieza. Take a look for yourself:

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While we've not had hands-on time with the Easy Grip controller shell ourselves, OtterBox claims that the shell is slim, drop-resistant and easy to clean thanks to its sweat-wicking, antimicrobial material. And, if you get sick of the Frieza-esque coloring you can always switch the grip pads out for another of OtterBox's color offerings, which include an Evangelion-like purple.

If you want to pick up the shell for yourself, you can do so on OtterBox's website for $39.95. UK and Australian pricing and availability to be confirmed but that's approximately £30 / AU$53). But note that is only for the grip, an Xbox Wireless controller isn't included in that price.

Opinion: We're just saiyan...

Sure, this controller grip isn't Dragon Ball Z licensed, and OtterBox isn't claiming any connection with the franchise, but we find the similarity pretty uncanny (though we might just be big nerds).

It's likely the controller grip won't look quite so Frieza-like on a black, or non-white, Xbox Series X|S controller and, unfortunately, a black controller is what is packaged with the Xbox Series X  – while a white one comes with the Xbox Series S or can be purchased separately. 

All we need now is for OtterBox to release an orange and blue controller grip for black controllers so we can throw Goku into the mix.

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