This start-up allows you to edit recordings of your video conferencing sessions

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Australian start-up Linius has launched a new cloud-based solution that promises to bring video conferencing to life by delivering a hyper-personalized video experience. The WHIZZARD platform is built on the company’s Video Virtualization Engine and allows users to search and assemble video content from recorded meetings held within a range of video conference platforms.

By allowing individuals to search within and across video recordings, WHIZZARD enables businesses to re-assemble clips into new content that can be shared with colleagues, clients, or fellow students. The platform is capable of integrating with Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Teams, meaning the most popular video conferencing tools are covered. With video conferencing more popular than ever, there is likely to be significant demand for Linius’ new solution.

“This market is extremely buoyant right now with more people now working and learning remotely,” Chris Richardson, CEO Linius, explained. “With 22% of people currently recording their video meetings, WHIZZARD represents a fast path to material recurring revenue growth for both Linius, and our partners.”

Become a video WHIZZARD

WHIZZARD will target two key markets that have rapidly adopted video conferencing tools in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. WHIZZARD-meet will look to capture the corporate space, while WHIZZARD-learn will be focused on higher education institutions.

With much more video content being produced than ever before, it has become more difficult to search through all the corresponding data, which is often unstructured. With the WHIZZARD platform, a student could search through hours of lectures for a particular term, stitching together the relevant clips into a bite-sized, digestible format. Similarly, a business executive could create a personalized video of financial information in minutes from two weeks’ worth of content.

The WHIZZARD platform is expected to be made publicly available in the near future and should become accessible via the Zoom, Webex, and AWS marketplaces soon.

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