This is the one Wordle hint I wish I'd had for today's answer

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Have you been struggling with today's Wordle answer? I certainly have - after a run of 'swift-threes' (getting the answer in a couple of minutes in three attempts) I nearly came to a grinding halt this morning.

Looking at the data around search trends, it seems that you lovely readers are also struggling with this current puzzle, as there's a definite search spike for the phrase 'Wordle hint' today:

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The issue for me today was that I managed to choose some words beforehand (which I won't give away here, lest it gives the game away for you) that contained a good variety of letters, and it excluded some obvious ones.

And because I play on 'Hard Mode', where you have to guess using the yellow or green letters you've already uncovered, I was stuck.

Essentially, I got tied up by not being able to use certain letters - so I couldn't even sacrifice some words to get me out of trouble.

The Wordle hint I think will help

It's very hard (and, let's face it, thoroughly boring) for me to describe a Wordle attempt to you when you're struggling in just the way I did - so let me give you a useful hint.

What made it extra hard is that, in my 62-strong Wordle run (which only has one, horrendous, failure) I've been doing my homework - even studying popular sets of two letters, known as bigrams, to see the most likely words.

But today's answer didn't contain an obvious one - so here's my big Wordle hint for today:

The answer ends in OT, but pronounced just 'O', as in the T is silent.

I really hope that helps - if it does (or absolutely doesn't) please email me or tweet me to let me know.

And don't forget to check out our plethora of other Wordle content: I'd advise going for 'How to choose the best Wordle starting word' to get you going.

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