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Sikur One smartphone
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Mobile security firm Sikur has released its latest device, which the company says uses the principles of Zero Trust to ensure more complete safety for users.

The Sikur One, developed alongside Brazilian manufacturer Multilaser, looks to offer corporate and government users in particular a more secure option when it comes to mobile devices, meaning organizations can keep a closer eye on specific devices and users.

The French company says its new Android device is, "a proven ultra-safe smartphone, certified for security and flexibility" coming with a host of features and tools to keep users and their data safe against threats.

Zero Trust phone

As suggested in the name, Zero Trust principles imply that no-one can really be relied on when it comes to cybersecurity practices, and cover the tools and services available to businesses in order to monitor devices and users to make sure they stay protected.

"Our mission is to redefine the relationship between enterprises and cybersecurity and the user experience in the process of authentication and access to technology assets," Sikur says on its website.

Its new device comes with Sikur ID, a service that does away with passwords in favor of authentication tokens to prevent attacks such as phishing and malware. Based on a unique cryptographic key stored on the user’s smartphone, the user scans a QR Code that immediately verifies their identity and permissions to allow access to networks and systems.

The phone can also be "cleaned" (locked or wiped) remotely by its owner's admins if it's ever lost or stolen, with data recovered via the cloud, where it can be moved or restored to another device.

Elsewhere, Sikur adds that the One comes with "exclusive secure corporate communication applications", including the company's own secure VPN and Sikur Messenger, which combines messaging, file storage, file sharing, voice and video calls

The device is securely configured out of the box, with all data stored in a private cloud. Sikur One also blocks location services by default, meaning users can't be easily tracked, and restricts bootloading and third-party app stores for extra security.

When it comes to actual hardware, the Sikur One won't be challenging the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S21 or iPhone 13, but sporting a 6.5 inch screen, octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB of onboard storage (expandable up to 512GB using a memory card), all powered by a 4,000 mAh battery, it's certainly no slouch.

You'll only be able to buy the Sikur One directly from the company for the moment, although the firm says it will have some options through some of its sales channel partners.

For now, Engadget reports that the Sikur One is available for around $274, with this price covering the device, alongside a one-year license for Sikur Messenger and mobile device management - which will rise to to $145 per user per year for those features after twelve months.

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