There's still no sign of a 'proper' Instagram iPad app, and its CEO doesn't seem bothered

The current Instagram iPad app
How are we supposed to use the current iPad app? (Image credit: Future)

Lots of iPad-owning Instagram users like to send images to their tablet to brush them up before posting, using one of the many iPad image-editing apps available. At the moment, though, this isn't a particularly easy or fun experience, because there's no dedicated Instagram app for the iPad – and it looks like we won't be seeing one any time soon.

This news comes from Adam Mosseri, Instagram's CEO, who hosted an AMA (ask me anything) on the platform via its Stories service. These posts are, by definition, temporary, but some reporters have posted his quotes on Twitter.

Mosseri was reported as saying that "[We] would like to build an iPad app. But we only have so many people, and lots to do, and it hasn’t bubbled up as the next best thing to do yet.". So by the sounds of it, there's no Instagram app designed for the iPad on the cards.

It's worth pointing out that there currently is an Instagram app for iPad, but it's the version designed for iPhones, so by default the app is blown up on the iPad; this means your images, as well as text and icons, don't look as sharp as they should – and even then the app doesn't fill the whole screen, as iPhones have a different aspect ratio to iPads.

The app also only displays in vertical mode, not the horizontal orientation iPad users often use their slates in. To sum it up, the current Instagram app on iPad offers a pretty poor experience, and many fans have been asking for a 'proper' version for a while now.

Many reasons why

There are plenty of reasons an Instagram app for iPad would be really useful. As mentioned, the iPad has lots of great image-editing apps, and many Instagrammers use these to spruce up their pictures. It would be nice to have a dedicated app that let you easily upload your snaps, or even on-boards the editing process itself.

You'd also be able to enjoy your friends' holiday and food snaps on the bigger screen, and there are lots of extra benefits that iPad functionality could bring to the Instagram experience thanks to its top-end processing power and screen, and the facility to edit images using the Apple Pencil. 

It's bizarre that Instagram seems to be in no hurry to deliver an improved experience for iPad users, and we hope it has a change of heart before too long.

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