The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might not get this exciting camera upgrade after all

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra hands on white camera close alternate
The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

One of the most promising Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra rumors we’ve heard so far pointed to the phone having a variable zoom telephoto camera, allowing it to switch between 3x and 10x optical zoom all with a single lens. But the latest leak suggests that’s not to be.

This is according to leaker @Tech_Reve, who claims that, while a variable zoom was planned, those plans have now been canceled; with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra instead sticking with the same four-lens design as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

That would mean a primary wide sensor, an ultra-wide, and two telephoto sensors – one for 3x optical zoom, and one for 10x. Worse, they say the only camera upgrade will be to the 10x telephoto, which will apparently only receive “minor improvements.”

If true, you should expect the same 200MP main camera as the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the same 12MP ultra-wide, and the same 10MP 3x telephoto. It’s not clear what form the improvements to the 10x zoom camera would take, but since they’re described as minor they probably won’t be overly significant.

We had previously heard from @RGcloudS that the telephoto camera would have a wider aperture and possibly be capable of 150x digital zoom (up from 100x on the current model), so perhaps these are the changes we’ll see. But that’s quite an old leak, so we wouldn’t count on it.

Too few changes if leaks are right

We would, of course, take this latest leak with a pinch of salt anyway. @Tech_Reve has a reasonable track record, but they haven’t been leaking for as long as some, and we’re far enough away from the likely launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series that things could change.

If this is accurate though, it’s disappointing news, especially as we’ve also previously heard that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra might look almost identical to its predecessor.

So far then, the only likely upgrade is to the chipset, which is sure to be more powerful. But otherwise, this is shaping up to be a very minor improvement on the current model.

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