The best movies on Stan: a list of the top films streaming in Australia now

Need a good laugh? Stan has a number of great comedies in its library, and these are some of our favourites. Here are the best comedies currently streaming on Stan.

Bill and Ted Face the Music

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Bill and Ted Face the Music

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Can you believe it's been almost 30 years since events of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey? Well, Bill S. Preston Esq. (Alex Winter) and Ted 'Theodore' Logan (Keanu Reeves) are back for one more adventure in Bill and Ted Face the Music! Having failed to fulfil their prophecy to write a song that would bring the whole world together, our titular heroes find themselves in a rut. When it becomes evident that the world will literally end unless they come up with this song, the pair set off into the future to try and hear the song after they've already written it.

IMDB Rating: 6.1, Rotten Tomatoes: 82%

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More of a biting satire than a full-blown comedy, Parasite is a brilliant examination of South Korea's class divide and what it would be like if that social inequality was pushed to some absolute extremes. Winner of this year's Academy Award for Best Picture (along with several other Oscars, including Best Director and Best Original Screenplay), director Bong Joon Ho's film sees a poor family con its way into a rich family's home as its staff, only for some incredibly dark and surprising turns to crop u along the way. Of course, it's best to watch the film with as little prior knowledge about its story as possible, so we'll just say that Parasite is a remarkable showcase for South Korean cinema – one which deserves every bit of acclaim it has received to date. One more thing: Parasite is available to stream on Stan in glorious 4K Ultra HD, allowing the film's gorgeous cinematography to truly shine at home.

IMDB Rating: 8.6, Rotten Tomatoes: 99%

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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Jim Carrey was an unstoppable force in the early nineties, and along with The Mark and Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective solidified him as the world's biggest comedy star. Carrey plays a ridiculously over-the-top private dick who specialises in animal-related cases. When the NFL's Miami Dolphins mascot is stolen, it's up to Ace to find out where it is and who was behind it. Cue a whole lot of hilarious tomfoolery!

IMDB Rating: 6.9, Rotten Tomatoes: 46%

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