The Batman's runtime is nearly as long as Avengers: Endgame

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The Batman's runtime has been revealed – and you'll want to grab plenty of snacks and schedule some bathroom breaks, because it's going to be a long movie.

Per The Hollywood Reporter (THR), The Batman will clock in at two hours and 55 minutes. For context, that's only six minutes less the longest MCU movie, aka Avengers: Endgame. It's also 11 minutes longer than the previous record holder for a Batman film – that being Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, which ran for two hours and 44 minutes.

According to THR, the upcoming DCEU film's near three-hour runtime includes eight minutes of end credits, so technically it'll run for two hours and 47 minutes. Even so, it's still the longest Batman film of all time. 

Given that the Caped Crusader's latest movie reboot will lean heavily into the detective side of the character, though, we expect more of a slow-burn plot than the frenetic, action-packed Batman films of recent years. Add in the sheer amount of supporting characters in The Batman, too, and the movie will require more minutes to give everyone their due.

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With The Batman's March 4 release date fast approaching, the film's marketing campaign has kicked into gear in recent weeks. A new poster, which you can see in the tweet above, was recently released, and we think its tagline may suggest that the tables will be turned heavily on Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight in the film.

Meanwhile, we've also received confirmation on The Batman's age rating and, perhaps disappointingly for some, it won't be R-rated. And, in case you missed it, a new trailer dropped during the 2021 holiday season, with new footage included that made us more excited for its arrival in just over a month's time.

The Batman theme song is music to our ears

Robert Pattinson as Batman

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The Batman's runtime wasn't the only major reveal that dropped online yesterday (January 20). 

The Batman theme, written by award-winning US composer Michael Giacchino (Spider-Man: No Way Home, Up, Lost), has also released in full – and it's a thing of beauty.

If you're interested in listening to the near seven-minute long Batman 2022 theme, you can hear it in full now on YouTube, Spotify, and other music streaming services. Our advice? Stick your best headphones on, sit back and listen to a tune that's sure to be in contention for a plethora of prizes on the 2023 awards circuit.

Fans on Reddit are already comparing Giacchino's orchestral score to Batman: The Animated Series' classic opening number – and you can see why. With its wonderful arrangement of brass, percussion, wind and string instruments, as well as its crescendos and lulls, The Batman theme certainly sounds like it's been inspired by other Batman live-action and animated productions. 

Although, as other Reddit users also point out, John Williams' Superman score, the Benedict Cumberbatch-starring Sherlock TV show, and even Clint Eastwood's western back catalog sound like they've influenced the track, too. If all of this doesn't make you want to listen to The Batman theme right away, we don't know what will.

The Batman launches exclusively in theaters on March 4.

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