Your next PVR could go above and Beyonwiz

Beyonwiz T4

With the arrival of streaming services like Stan and Netflix, you may think that the day of the PVR is over.

But while boxes like the Fetch TV and the Foxtel iQ3 are trying to drive DVR takeup with pay TV services, local PVR icon Beyonwiz is trying to remain relevant by turning everything up to 11 for its new T4 box.

The T4 range include four integrated tuners allowing you to record up to 10 channels from four different networks simultaneously – more than enough to ensure you don't miss another program… ever.

Not just a multitasking magician

With a dual-core 1300MHz processor, 2GB of RAM and 2GB of flash memory, the T4s have more than enough under the hood to skip through the user interface.

What's great about all this power is that the T4 now offers on-the-fly transcoding allowing you to stream live TV or recorded programs to any device connected to your network.

But all this comes at a price. The T4 starts at $599 for a device that requires you to add your own external hard drive, and continues through models with included 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 6TB inbuilt hard drives that will cost you up to $1,099.

Joel Burgess
Staff Writer

Joel has been the in-house benchmark monkey for the Australian TechRadar team and Australia’s two biggest tech magazines (APC and TechLife) since 2014.