The new BBC Three logo actually says BBC Two


BBC Three is soon to be online-only, and it's got a new logo to mark the bold transition. One problem: it doesn't look quite right.

While it's meant to show the number three in Roman numerals, the logo seems to say "BBC II" followed by an exclamation mark.

Or is it, in fact, a pause symbol? BBC Pause! No, that can't be right.

The new logo is based around the BBC's three principles, says Head of Marketing Nikki Carr: "The first is 'make me think' - hard hitting documentaries like Suicide and Me and thought provoking drama like Murdered By My Boyfriend. The second is 'Make me laugh'- distinctive comedy like People Just Do Nothing or new entertainment shows like Murder In Successville. The third, the exclamation mark, is 'Give me a voice', which is what we will do for young people."

That may be the case, but many online commenters haven't quite seen it the same way, with some pointing out that the logo was predicted by mockumentary W1A. In fact, the BBC has made fun of this itself.



BBC Three will move to being solely online by the end of February this year.

Hugh Langley

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