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Confirmed: TiVo iPad app will come to Virgin Media service

TiVo iPad app - sure to be a hit with Virgin Media users
TiVo iPad app - sure to be a hit with Virgin Media users

Virgin Media's new TiVo powered service will be taking advantage of the TiVo iPad app – turning it into a powerful remote and companion device.

TiVo is showing off its new iPad app in video and it has been enthusiastically received by the US market in which the PVR giant is dominant.

But UK consumers can look forward to the prospect of turning their iPads into a remote for their new Virgin Media TiVo service boxes.


Once paired with a box it not only offers you a remote, but also gives you easy access to information, remote record and a host of other options that make your iPad very useful in this context.

Confirming the news, Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media, told TechRadar that users could "look forward to the app coming next year".

The new Tivo powered Virgin Media service is a massive new addition to the UK TV market – with the partnership bringing key changes to the Virgin cable platform.

The new boxes that carry TiVo will start to appear this month, and the service will continue to expand through 2011.

You can check out the features of the TiVo app in the company's official YouTube video.