Sony considering launching paid-for IPTV service?

Sony considering launching paid-for IPTV service?
Sony - looking to an IPTV offering

Sony is reportedly considering its own IPTV paid television service, tying the offering into its many connected devices, including the PlayStation 3, televisions and Blu-ray players.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony believes that it can take on other paid-for television offerings by offering up not only its other content but other people's television output.

The service is apparently being mooted for the US, but could obviously prove to be a major disruptor on a global level.

UK competition

The UK is bracing itself for the launch of YouView next year, but already has a plethora of on-demand services available through a broadband connection.

Foremost among these is the BBC's iPlayer, but there are also key offerings from Sky (Sky Go), ITV (ITV Player), Channel 4 (4OD).

Google is also involved in television over IP, and its Google TV will arrive in the UK next year, while Apple's desire to get involved in the television market has become clear, and Microsoft recently announced a raft of media deals for its Xbox Live service.

Despite the massive competition, Sony is a content creator and has deep links with other companies that are already embedded in television.

By tying any service into its devices, many could find that any Sony IPTV service is already available on existing televisions, Blu-ray players and, of course, the popular PS3, giving it an immediate potential market of millions.

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