Sky looking closely at HDR as it ponders next big step in television quality

Sky - looking to HDR
Sky - looking to HDR

Sky has confirmed to TechRadar that it is looking hard at HDR as it peers beyond the imminent rollout of its Ultra HD service to the next big jump in quality broadcasting.

Normally at the cutting edge of television technology, Sky has found itself behind rivals in the rollout of 4K UHD, with not only rival BT beating it to the punch in its heartland of football, but also Amazon and Netflix offering up 4K functionality.

The next significant shift is likely to be less about the number of pixels in the picture but how they act, with High Dynamic Resolution (HDR) bringing a huge leap forward in contrast, colour and brightness.

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Amazon told TechRadar earlier in the year that HDR was the technology that it was most excited about, so we took the opportunity to ask Sky's David Cameron where the European giant was in testing this next big frontier for picture quality.

"We're definitely looking at [HDR]; we're always looking at what the best format is and what's the best quality that we can bring," he told us.

"Not all of the HDR standards are ratified as yet and so we're working on that and as that solidifies that's definitely something that we're looking at closely."

HDR: Welcome to the next big shift in Home Entertainment

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