Sky Anytime+ opening up to all Sky users

Sky Anytime+ opened up to all Sky users
No longer tethered to Sky Broadband

Sky has announced that it is to open up Sky Anytime+, its on-demand service, to all of its customers, regardless of the broadband package they are using.

Sky Anytime+ has been around since October 2010 and is Sky's answer to video on demand. It told TechRadar at the time that it had "no plans" to limit the service to Sky Broadband customers but it has taken over a year for this to be followed up.

The service had been available just to Sky users which also have Sky Broadband but an announcement this week, which coincides with the arrival of iPlayer on the service, explains that Anytime+ is to be made available to all.

Anytime, all of the time

There's been a lot of rumour and speculation surrounding the iPlayer's no-show on the Sky platform and in the press release it seems that Anytime+ only being made available to users with a Sky Broadband package was a definite sticking point – and had to change before the iPlayer would be made available.

"A core BBC value is to reach all audiences on a universal basis, so Sky's plan to make Anytime+ available to customers regardless of their internet provider is an important development in helping to bring BBC iPlayer to around 5 million new homes in 2012 – at no extra charge," the release explained.

As well as the BBC iPlayer, ITV Player will also be made available.

Sky has said that this rollout of Anytime+ will begin from Easter.

Marc Chacksfield

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