Sky 3D to showcase 3D Nazis in May

Hitler: available in 3D?
Hitler: available in 3D?

Sky will show off what it claims to be the first 3D Nazi footage, with the satellite giant to show off rare film from World War II in May.

A co-production between Sky and History, by Flight 33, will showcase stereoscopic footage film found in the archives of the Imperial War Museum.

That footage apparently shows "Nazi soldiers" (or are they just German?) running, shouting and firing in 3D – showing off their anti-aircraft capabilities.

Only known live action 3D footage?

"It is the only known 3D footage showing Nazis in live action," states Sky. "Alongside the 3D haul, a 2D film produced by the Nazis, explaining how to project in 3D, was also unearthed."

We're not entirely clear if this is the same footage as the 3D Nazi propaganda which found in Berlin earlier in the year.

The hour-long programme will be shown off next month on Sky 3D, with the air date set at 26 May at 10pm.

"This is truly a remarkable find – seeing the 3D footage made by the Nazis and the accompanying films on how to use them is a compelling insight into how the medium was used during the war," said Sky 3D director John Cassy.

"3D is often seen as a modern innovation, but this incredible footage reminds us that it's been around for decades – we're completely thrilled to be working with IWM to remaster it for the 21st century."

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