BBC iPlayer app updated for widescreen iPhone 5

BBC iPlayer app updated for widescreen iPhone 5
iPhone 5 users seeing the full picture

BBC iPlayer viewers can now enjoy full screen playback from the comfort of the new Apple iPhone 5.

The Corporation has issued an update for its popular on-demand app, optimising the aspect radio for the elongated 4-inch Retina Display.

Viewers can now kiss goodbye to the annoying black bars at either side of the picture when catching up on Top Gear or Doctor Who on the iPhone 5.

Beyond the video player optimisation, the Beeb has also taken the opportunity to fix a few bugs and introduce a couple of extra features.

TV playback

iPhone users - like their iPad-toting comrades - can now plug the device into their TV and view video that way, which is great for those without a Smart TV.

Within the playback screen there's now a prominent 'More' button, which allows users to seek out further episodes or likeminded series.

Users can also hit the Live Channels buttons when watching live TV in order to flip between the various BBC stations.

The update is available to download now.

Via MacRumors

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