New Apple TV specs leak ahead of next week's unveiling

Apple TV
The Apple TV

All eyes are on Apple next week for the grand iPhone 6s unveiling, but there are rumours that Apple has got much more to show off, and one of the other new devices we're expecting to see is the next-generation Apple TV.

The usually reliable 9to5Mac has got wind of the specs of the incoming home entertainment box: prepare yourself for a mix of the old (in terms of design and ports) and the new (4K streaming and a revamped remote control).

According to the sources speaking to 9to5Mac, Apple is weighing up 8GB and 16GB options, with most of the content streamed from the web rather than stored locally. The entry level price is expected to be $149 (roughly £95 or AUS$210), which is quite a step up from the $69 box on sale today.

Upgrades ahoy

A version of iOS 9 is going to be at the heart of the new Apple TV, 9to5Mac says, with the A8 chip that powers the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus keeping the revamped software interface running smoothly.

As for the remote, we already heard it would have Wii-like motion detection capabilities, and the latest leaks suggest it's going to be a dark grey colour to fit in with the aesthetics of the new box. A touchpad will accompany dedicated buttons for Siri and Home.

More power, a better remote, Siri-powered universal search, an App Store to call its own and maybe even some kind of live television streaming... it looks like the Apple TV might steal the show in San Francisco next week.

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