LG vs Sharp in the battle of the big screens

LG vs Sharp in the battle of the big screens
Bigger is the new big

Both LG and Sharp used CES 2012 to show off their big-screen television line-ups, with Sharp managing to win the size battle by just an inch.

LG has traditionally been the first presser on CES' official press conference day and while most of the audience were tired from the early start – 8am isn't morning in Vegas, it's the end of then night – yawns soon turned to gawps when the company showed off its 84-inch ultra definition behemoth.

The 4K2K (3840 x 2160) LG television is impressive to look at as it has been given a brand new bezel by LG. Well, when we say bezel, it's just 1mm thick.

This means that when you watch 3D content on the television, it enhances the illusion that the 3D is borderless.

LG 84 inch

LG has decided to stick to its passive 3D guns when it comes to its big screens – a spokesperson at the conference said it was "getting aggressive about passive" – and has added Cinema 3D to the telly. While we are not convinced that passive 3D works all that well with 4K, LG has been rather successful with its 3D TV range explaining that it is already ahead of Sony and is looking to catch up with Samsung.

It is so confident in Cinema 3D that 50 per cent of its entire TV range will be equipped with both passive 3D and smart TV functionality.

LG 84 inch

When it comes to big-screen televisions, Sharp has been at the forefront of offering giant panels for those that have the space to house a TV that's 60 inches plus.

To reinforce its importance in the market, Sharp's press conference focused on the company's long history. Sharp is 100 years old this year and it was at pains to add that it is the only manufacturer in the world with a 10th generation LCD plant.

It also showed off its new 80-inch television which comes with 3D and will be in the shops come April.

Sharp 80 inch

The LC-80LE844U comes with Quattron Pixel Plus II tech, built-in Wi-Fi and Sharp's new smart TV service SmartCentral. There is a lack of local dimming on the television but it's still a great piece of kit.

If it were down to looks, plucky newcomer LG would win hands-down in the battle of the big screens with its 84-inch television but Sharp does have a trick up its sleeve – it is showing off its 8K panel, which boasts 7680 x 4320 pixels – this is the equivalent of 16x the resolution of HD.

Sharp 80 inch

There's no word when it would come to market but even as a prototype it is stunning and is the same size as, according to Sharp, as 266 smartphones, 47 tablets or 9 32-inch televisions. Sharp seems to love its pointless but fun stats.

Whether bigger does mean better remains to be seen but for LG and Sharp, 60-inch plus TVs is one of the most important home entertainment sectors around.

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