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iTunes man 'heading up Apple Television' development

iTunes man 'heading up Apple Television' development
iTunes man 'heading up Apple Television' development

Apple is reportedly using the software engineer who built iTunes to head up development of the widely mooted Apple Television.

With Steve Jobs' biography pouring fuel on the fires of the longstanding suggestion Apple will build a branded television, news wire Bloomberg has suggested that the project is being headed up by Jeff Robbin.

In Jobs' biography, author Walter Isaacson suggests that the Apple man said that he had "finally cracked" the perfect UI for an Apple Television which would seamlessly sync up with your iCloud.

Triumvirate source

Now, citing three sources with knowledge of the project, Bloomberg is reporting that Robbin is leading the internal development of the project.

Considering the company already assembles monitors for its Macs, a television which integrates the Apple TV box and utilises AirPlay and iCloud is an obvious product direction.

With Google's purchase of Motorola potentially bringing growth in its own television aspirations – although by no means is it guaranteed that this will mean actual hardware – the time may be ripe for Apple to raise its own big screen game.

Apple's iTunes already offers a marketplace for content, and the Apple TV set-top box does seem to have been strangely marginalised, but we're all keen to see if that actually points to a branded Apple television.

Via Bloomberg