Sky selling an HD box every 30 seconds

HD - growth area for Sky
HD - growth area for Sky

BSkyB has added more than a quarter of a million HD subscribers in the past three months, selling a Sky+HD box every 30 seconds to reach a total of 1.6 million households.

Sky's financial reports prove that the recession has not impacted too heavily on our desire for television, possibly as going out becomes more of a luxury.

The figures given by Sky show that it has added 94,000 subscribers – taking its total past the 9.5 million mark.

HD upsell

But the most impressive figure involve pushing people onto more expensive flagship products; 287,000 more households now have HD and close to 1.9 million households are taking the multiroom option.

Plus, 17 per cent of customers are now taking the broadband television and telephony package – up from 12 per cent year on year.

This has helped a group revenue increase of 10 per cent to £1.3 billion and an adjusted operating profit of £198 million – up nine per cent.

A good start

"Our business has made a good start to our 2010 financial year with another quarter of strong results," said Sky's Chief Executive Jeremy Darroch.

"In what continues to be a tough economic environment, we have increased the number of customers joining Sky.

"High definition has continued to perform very well and more customers are saving money by choosing Sky for each of TV, broadband and telephony. "

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