Comcast offers Netflix yet another streaming fight

Comcast gives Netflix yet another streaming rival
More and more companies are encroaching on Netflix's turf

Comcast has launched a new video on-demand service as part of its cable TV, phone and internet packages.

The newly-minted Xfinity Streampix service will be made available to new and existing Comcast customers for a $4.99 monthly premium.

However, it'll be gratis if you sign up for a "Triple Play" package.

Huge arsenal

Streampix will focus on existing movies and past series' of TV shows from its own vast arsenal of video content, including the likes of NBCUniversal, Sony, Disney, Warner Brothers and Sony.

The offering, which will arrive on smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and web-browsers, puts Comcast in direct competition with Netflix, Amazon and the recently announced Verizon/Redbox tie-in.

No need for Netflix

The could be more problematic for Netflix because it seems Comcast wants to cut it out of the equation altogether - as least as far as its own customer base is concerned.

While its a win-win for Comcast on a couple of levels, if the streaming library becomes comparable there'll be no need for its subscribers to bother with Netflix.

For Comcast, there's opportunity to earn another $4.99 a month through content and customers it already owns.

Alternatively, offering the service for free, dangles the carrot as it attempts to snare new sign-ups to its expensive phone, internet and cable packages.

Via: Variety

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