Amazon Fire TV is available to buy in the UK right now for £79

Amazon Fire TV
Grab it while it's hot

Our own sources told us that Amazon Fire TV would come to the UK this year, and Amazon's just announced that the box is on sale right now - even sooner than we'd hoped for.

Amazon's streaming box launched in the US earlier this year, and Amazon has doubled down to get the device outside of America.

At IFA 2014, Amazon VP of Product Marketing Peter Larson announced that the device is available to buy in the UK and Germany from today, with shipping to begin next month.

In the UK, Fire TV will support a range of services including Netflix, YouTube, Demand 5, Sky News, Twitch, Spotify and a bunch more, though BBC iPlayer and Now TV are MIA right now. Of course, Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime Instant Video are also on board.

We didn't start the fire

Amazon's made it quite clear that it's moving into gaming, and the Fire TV will arrive in the UK with the optional gaming controller too.

Interestingly, Larson also told us that 92% of current searches on Fire TV are done via voice search, which is a lot higher than we expected to hear.

Amazon Fire TV will cost £79 in the UK and can be pre-ordered right now. And if you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll be able to pick one up for £49 for a limited time. Read the terms and conditions here.

Still no word on when the UK might see that Fire Phone, though...

Hugh Langley

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