Surface Laptop Core i7 gets fresh lick of paint

Up until now if you wanted the Surface Laptop in any of its three special colors, you were pretty much limited to one Intel Core i5 configuration, but at long last Intel Core i7 variants are here.

Since its arrival last June, the Core i7 Surface Laptop has only been available in platinum, while those in Cobalt Blue, Burgundy and Graphite Gold were limited to Core i5 chips with smaller SSDs and RAM capacities.

With the Core i7 configuration, these higher-spec Surface Laptops gain higher-end Intel Iris Plus graphics, plus double the memory and storage at 16GB and 512GB, respectively. These new models are also priced the same as the standard Platinum model at $2,199 (£2,149, AU$3,299).

Listings for the Core i7 Surface Laptop in Cobalt Blue, Burgundy and Graphite Gold have been around since July and existed as rumors even before that, so it’s great to see they’re finally here. That said, it seems only the Cobalt Blue and Burgundy are available for purchase right now as Graphite Gold is still listed as coming soon.

To add them to your cart you’ll also have to specifically through this Surface Laptop Overview page, as the Core i7 option is still grayed out on the configuration page – which we assume is due to a delayed update on the page..

Via Windows Central

Kevin Lee

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