StarVR in trouble as dev headset release is stalled

The future of one promising VR headset has been put into jeopardy, as StarVR has announced that it is putting the release of its developer headset “on hold”.

The news comes just a month after the company’s StarVR One developer program started accepting sign-ups.

StarVR’s woes appear to be due to the fact that Starbreeze, one of its main stakeholders, has filed for reconstruction – the equivalent of going into administration in Sweden – all while going through the process of the company going private. While the issues are ironed out, StarVR has delisted itself from the Taipei Exchange Emerging Markets.

A safer future?

Though it’s long been gestating, StarVR is one of the more exciting virtual reality headsets in development. Its advanced set-up includes a wider field of view than other headsets, as well as eye-tracking for more immersive interactions with its software.

StarVR has been focussing on public installations, such as arcades and galleries, rather than the home space – and if, as we’re regularly told, that’s where the future of VR sits, it could be a troubling development for the long-term, competition-filled health of virtual reality.

But all hope is not yet lost for StarVR – around two-thirds of the company is owned by Acer, which may yet be able to rescue the VR hopeful.

Via UploadVR

Gerald Lynch

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